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Slide Flange Connection slide cac san pham khac silde ong, khop cong nghiep slide ong thep tl Slide ong, khop thuy luc # Ống IVG hàn gió đá
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Ống cao su bơm / hút dầu, nước 375PSI

Model:   PL EFESTO SD 25 - IVG

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Suction and delivery of seawater, mud, oil and petroleum products.


Standards: ISO 15540. PDA ABS Nr. 15-GE1415740-PDA.
Application: hardwall hose for the suction and delivery of seawater,
mud, oil and petroleum products with maximum aromatic content up
to 30%.
Hose according to ISO 15540 for fire resistance at 800°C for 30’.
Temperature: from -30°C (-22°F) to +90°C(+194°F).
black, smooth, NBR rubber.
Reinforcement: high strength synthetic cord with embedded steel
helix wire.
Cover: red, smooth (wrapped finish), flame retardant CR rubber. Resistance to weathering, abrasion, oil and seawater.
Branding: continuous yellow stripe “IVG Offshore (family logo)..., ISO


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