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Model:   Sae 45o Flare

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SAE (45° Flare)

A term usually applied to fittings having a 45° angle flare
or seat. Soft copper tubing is generally used in such
applications as it is easily flared to the 45° angle. These
are for low-pressure applications—such as for fuel lines
and refrigerant lines.
The SAE 45° flare male will mate with an SAE 45°
flare female only or a dual seat JIC/SAE 45°.*
The SAE male has straight threads and a 45° flare
seat. The SAE female has straight threads and a 45°
flare seat. The seal is made on the 45° flare seat.
Some sizes have the same threads as the SAE 37° flare.
Carefully measure the seat angle to differentiate.
*Note: Some C5, C5E and Lock-On couplings may
have dual machined seats (both 37° and 45° seats)


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