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Khớp nối ống ren côn DIN 24°


Tài liệu kỹ thuật: Khớp nối ống ren côn DIN 24° Khớp nối ống ren côn DIN 24°

Mô tả sản phẩm

DIN 24° Cone

The DIN 24° cone male will mate with any of the
females shown.
The male has a 24° seat, straight metric threads,
and a recessed counterbore which matches the
tube O.D. of the coupling used with it. The mating
female is a 24° cone with O-ring, a metric tube
fitting or a universal 24° and 60° cone.
There is a light and heavy series DIN coupling.
Proper identification is made by measuring both
the thread size and the tube O.D. (The heavy series
has a smaller tube O.D. but a thicker wall section
than the light.)
When measuring the flare angle with the seat
angle gauge, use the 12° gauge. The seat angle
gauge measures the angle from the connector


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