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Model:   G-FL, GS-FL / G-FLH, GS-FLH / G-FLC, GS-FLC

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O-Ring Flange—SAE J518

The SAE Code 61 and Code 62 4-bolt split flange is used
worldwide, usually as a connection on pumps and motors.
There are three exceptions.
1. The -10 size, which is common outside of North America,
is not an SAE standard size (generally found on Komatsu
equipment). All Komatsu flanges are the same as SAE code
61 except for the -10 size.
2. Caterpillar flanges, which are the same flange O.D. as SAE
Code 62, have a thicker flange head (“C” dimension in Table).
3. Poclain flanges, which are completely different from
SAE flanges


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